22 December 2010


To get to where you want to go you have to know what it is that you want. You also have to have a realistic and simple plan and belief in your own talents and abilities to achieve your desires. If you're filled with doubt and indecision or if you live your life without a goal, then you're at the mercy of circumstances. However, circumstances don't offer much mercy, direction or help toward the fulfillment of desires or planning and achieving your life on purpose.

Decide what you want, believe in yourself, put the necessary effort into your plans and follow them through persistently. This is the simple formula for success and attainment. When you control your thoughts, you control your emotions. Your emotions are forces of unimaginable power.

-Dr. Rick Collingwood

16 December 2010

Branch, Ape and Twig

I had a dream that I had 3 daughters, named Branch, Ape and Twig. Branch was the oldest daughter and I thought her name was so beautiful and strong. I was proud of her. Twig was a baby and I didn't like her name as much, but seem to have felt that there were no other names available. It was as though all the names in the world had run out and I was forced to choose Twig. Strangely, I didn't seem to have an opinion either way on the middle child, Ape.

A few moments later I was standing in a grassy yard. There was a rectangular swimming pool filled with stuffed animals. The stuffed animals were overflowing at one end of the pool, as though to mimic a wave crashing on the beach. I thought it was peculiar that the pool was filled with toys and I thought to myself, "I am having lots of thoughts about childish things". I wasn't sure it was meant to be, but I felt that the pool made for an interesting and strangely beautiful piece of conceptual art. I filed the idea away in my memory, in case there came a time that I might need an idea for a piece of interesting and strange conceptual art.

Then there was a lady in front of me, or perhaps I was the lady and there was a small audience in front of me. It may have been only me in the audience. I am unsure. Maybe both. To one side, there was a series of 3 doors. They were miniature, child-sized and made of a rich, dark, heavy wood. To the other side, there was one other doorway. I cannot remember exactly what it looked like, but my memory says that it was more modern, plasticky and it might have been open, or with no actual door at all. This doorway was arched, whereas the series of 3 were standard rectangles. It was larger than the other 3 and it was white/bright. The woman (or myself?) was saying:

"You can choose the three or the one, but if you choose the one, you cannot choose the three".

She pointed to the doors as she spoke. I had a feeling that I wanted to choose the 3, but that I was expected to choose the 1. I contemplated the solidity of the 3 and thought, "why would I choose one, when I could choose three? " Surely there was three times as much exploration, option and space with the set of 3 doors than there would be with only one. But I knew everyone (who exactly 'everyone' is, I'm unsure) wanted me to choose the one. I felt pressured to choose against what I really wanted.

I don't remember making a choice before I awoke. If I did, I know it was the three.

09 December 2010

children of the sun, begin to wake

What direction is human evolution moving in?
I've been speaking to others about becoming strong lately. Everyone wants to be strong. Yet culturally we are moving away from our bodies and toward our networks. Two people drew me pictures about becoming strong this week. One was a lion tearing apart and eating a human body. He lay on his belly and chomped on a bloodless leg while various body parts were strewn around him. The second was a robot shooting another robot with a gun. The robot shooting the gun was a female robot, with breasts.

It is difficult work to become strong. It hurts to do strong things like make conscious decisions, wait, and take responsibility for our tiny lives. Are you attending to the things that will help you be strong? Not just as an individual, but as a member of a culture that needs all the conscious strength it can get.