29 March 2011

The Rose Captain

This part's for my love of old
How the rose in your heart you hold
Still all the water in your wells won't make it grow
Oh, the call of the nightingale
How I love beneath the ghostly sails
We move like gypsies 'neath the mist and beneath the gloom

This part's for my love of new
How the bulbs in my heart are true
They send the shoots through my fingers into your bones
Oh, the call of the collared dove
How I long to be your one true love
We'll move like gypsies 'neath the stars and beneath the moon

Oh, how the river flows under the ice and snow
The keeper of the flame
The rose captain knows our names
His perfumed breath we breath
For you my dear, my love will never leave

19 March 2011

As above, so below

The vernal equinox is here!  This is one of 2 times in the year when the amount of light and the amount of darkness are nearest to equal across all parts of the world.  The sun, rising toward the pinnacle of light that is the summer solstice, appears in the sky halfway between its highest and lowest path on the vernal equinox.  This is a sacred and rare balance that occurs for only 2 out of 365 days every year. Because it is march in the north, lightness of being is on the rise while the shadow gets shorter and more condensed in response to the height of the sun. This is the day/night in which the sun begins his highest ascent to melt off the masks we wear and warm our authentic desires.

The equinox is about balance between bodies in relationship to each other.  This balance can be between our own physical and energetic bodies, the celestial bodies or the actual bodies of lovers, family and friends.  For those of us who have invited new bodies close to us within the last six months, now is an excellent time to harness the energy balance of the universe and align ourselves with not only our true centers, but with the true centers of others around us for the first time.   This is a time of accelerated creation potential for the qualities we want in relationships within and around us. Now is the time to sow the metaphorical seeds that we wish to nurture and warm with the natural cycles of the sun.  Dysfunction has the potential to realign with function to create a new, healthier balance.  All we have to do is surrender our awareness to any lack of balance that exists inside and around us.  Consider what hardships the darkness of winter carried into consciousness and imagine them realigning with the sun, the earth and the moon, with your heart, mind and soul.  Like darkness and light, surrender and raw, impulsive action are balanced today and will carry us into alignment if we desire.  The doors are open for 24 hours, if you want to- walk through. What we plant and cultivate now will pay off with a high yield when the time comes to gather our harvest in 6 months, at the autumnal equinox.  
As above, so below. 

13 March 2011

at your heels

I'm in the belly of the canyon.
I can't come up with any reason.
Why a ghost is following me.
Why a ghost is following me.

I've got some feed for the longing.
I've got the pill for the bad dreams.
The apparition dancing with me, stepping down all over my feet.

There is no key to my gate, but you can still come around.
Lean your ladder against my window and I'll come down.
I'll come down.

You can still come around